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We develop software to help radiologists find cancer, using AI and MRI.
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The power of AI and medical imaging to find cancer

Lucida Medical develops software based on artificial intelligence methods (machine learning and image processing) to enable radiologists to find cancer accurately, consistently and quickly using MRI.

Pi™, our first product, is a CE-marked medical device to support the analysis of MRI for prostate cancer diagnosis. Note that while we are seeking further regulatory approvals, Pi™ is not for sale or use in the USA.

We especially welcome contact from investors and healthcare professionals interested in supporting our research, joining clinical studies, or using Pi™ in the clinic in Europe or the United Kingdom.


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Ground-breaking validation of AI for real-world prostate MRI

Dr Aarti Shah, Chief Investigator of the PAIR-1 research study, presented the latest performance results at ECR 2023 in Vienna. This work, in partnership with Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, shows that Pi can be applied to prostate MRI in routine NHS diagnostic pathways across a range of hospitals, MRI scanners and field strengths, with accuracy in line with expert prostate radiology studies.

AI in medicine - Felix Beacher from Informa interviews Lucida Medical CEO Dr Antony Rix

Can AI systems outperform radiologists in diagnosing cancer? If so, why don’t we see such systems in clinical practice? What does the future hold? And would you rather be assessed by a human physician or an algorithm?

In an episode of the brand new Medical AI Podcast, Felix Beacher, head of healthcare technology at Omdia and Informa Tech, addressed these and other issues with Antony Rix, co-founder and CEO of Lucida Medical, a company developing software to help detect prostate cancer through MRI scans.

Integration with EMRAD's clinical workflow

GE Healthcare and Lucida Medical have installed Pi in EMRAD’s data centre. It automatically processes every prostate MRI study, saving results to the PACS and RIS. This enables EMRAD’s NHS radiologists to report using Pi in their existing workflow.

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Our Partners

We collaborate with Cambridge University, we are a partner in the ReIMAGINE prostate imaging trial, are in the process of establishing collaborative partnerships with several UK NHS Trust hospitals to help further develop and validate and test Pi, our AI system for detecting prostate cancer from MRI.