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We develop software to find cancer precisely, and fast, using AI and MRI.
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Intelligent Early Detection

When we find cancer early, it’s usually easier, safer and less costly to treat, and patients have far better outcomes.

Pi™, our first product, is a CE-marked medical device to support the analysis of MRI for prostate cancer diagnosis. Note that while we are seeking further regulatory approvals, Pi™ is not for sale or use in the USA. We especially welcome contact from investors and healthcare professionals interested in supporting our research, joining clinical studies, or using Pi™ in the clinic in Europe or the United Kingdom.

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What will the future of prostate cancer treatment and care look like?

Our CEO, Dr Antony Rix, will join experts from Prostate Cancer Research on 23 November in this free webinar series, highlighting how AI can help improve patient care from screening to treatment

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Our Partners

We collaborate with Cambridge University, we are a partner in the ReIMAGINE prostate imaging trial, are in the process of establishing collaborative partnerships with several UK NHS Trust hospitals to help further develop and validate and test Pi, our AI system for detecting prostate cancer from MRI.