21st JANUARY 2022

Lucida Medical appoints Dr David Tuch as Chair to spearhead investment and growth

Cambridge, UK – 18 Jan 2022: Lucida Medical Ltd, the technology leader in AI to support magnetic resonance imaging of cancer, has appointed Dr David Tuch, an experienced life science entrepreneur, investor and executive, as Non-Executive Chair of the Board. David joins to help the company build on tremendous progress during 2021, including a key milestone CE mark for its Pi™ software, and a successful collaboration and technology demonstration with a major vendor and radiology network…


Lucida Medical certified with the ISO 13485:2016 standard

We are proud to announce that Lucida Medical has been certified with the ISO 13485:2016 standard for medical device manufacturing.

Lucida Medical’s Head of Quality and Regulatory, Giovanni Maggi, spearheaded this application. We caught up with Giovanni to discuss…

“Achieving the ISO 13485:2016 certification is an incredible milestone for Lucida Medical. My previous experience in a Class IIb medical device software company was very beneficial.


PAIR-1 Prostate AI research-1 a retrospective study

Lucida Medical announce a Retrospective cohort validation study of AI-based prostate cancer diagnosis support software Pi ™ led by Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (HHNFT) and Lucida Medical

16TH July 2021

Mark Hinton has joined Lucida Medical as Chief Technology Officer

Lucida Medical have been actively expanding its leadership team. We are proud to announce that Mark Hinton has joined as Chief Technology Officer. Mark brings deep technical experience – with a background in medical imaging in clinical research and software architecture – as well as a new energy to drive Lucida Medical into its next phase of growth.

I caught up with Mark to better understand his vision for Lucida Medical and share his answers to our questions about AI in healthcare.

24th june 2021

Lucida Medical joins GE Healthcare Edison™ Accelerator  programme

Lucida Medical Ltd, the Cambridge, UK based start-up, has today announced that it has joined the Edison™ Accelerator, a programme designed by GE Healthcare in partnership with innovation organisation Wayra, to support early-stage and technologically advanced businesses developing AI applications for healthcare. The programme creates a collaborative environment for start-ups, research centres, hospitals, clinicians and large corporations across the EMEA region. It aims to foster open innovation and digital transformation of healthcare.

Support Team

The figure illustrates the RTSTRUCT format segmentations output by the software. The segmentations are overlaid, on a 3D multi-planar reconstruction of the T2 axial image, together with the 3D mesh view.
Colours shown are:
•           Red: index lesion
•           Blue: prostate organ
•           Grey: seminal vesicles
Smaller lesions are also visible, with the smallest indicated by the software using labels (e.g. Lesion 5-1).

1st june 2021

Lucida Medical receives CE marking for PI™, its AI-machine learning software for detecting prostate cancer from MRI, enabling faster and more accurate prostate cancer detection

Lucida Medical Ltd, the Cambridge, UK based start-up, has completed CE marking for its new machine learning-based prostate cancer detection software, Prostate Intelligence™ (PI™). Lucida is one of the first companies in the world to commercialise artificial intelligence software to identify cancer in prostate MRI scans. This crucial milestone enables the cutting-edge technology to be deployed within the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and European healthcare systems.

Prof Evis Sala, co-founder

19th March 2021

Cambridge University spin-out Lucida Medical secures substantial funding to develop AI for cancer screening

Cambridge start-up Lucida Medical has raised significant seed capital from a group of investors led by XTX Ventures and Prostate Cancer Research.

The multi-million-pound investment is a major advance towards Lucida Medical’s goal to disrupt the cancer diagnostic pathway with technology that finds cancer more accurately by analysing MRI, enabling radiologists to save time and patients to receive the best possible diagnosis and treatment.

The initial focus is prostate cancer, the most common cancer in men in Europe, Africa and North and South America, with 1.4 million diagnosed worldwide each year and 375,000 deaths. Earlier and better detection saves lives.

Support Team

2nd December 2020

Multi-stage AI analysis system to support prostate cancer diagnostic imaging

A presentation by Antony Rix

Antony introduces Lucida’s multi-stage AI analysis system to support prostate cancer diagnostic imaging.
EuSoMII Virtual Annual Meeting, 24 October 2020.

Support Team

2nd December 2020

Multi-stage AI analysis system to support prostate cancer diagnostic imaging

Lucida Medical Limited (AI) system

An Artificial intelligence (AI) system was developed to support interpretation of pre-biopsy prostate multiparametric MRI (mpMRI), aiming to improve patient selection for biopsy, biopsy target identification, and productivity of segmentation and reporting, in the prostate cancer diagnostic pathway.

Support Team

2nd December 2020


Lucida Medical is part of the ReIMAGINE consortium which seeks to change forever the way in which prostate cancer is diagnosed, the manner in which it is classified, the method by which risk is communicated, the utility associated with the diagnosis, the benefit that is derived from intervention and reduce the overall costs of care.

The precise risk-stratification that results from an image-based measurable-disease approach will allow us to determine whether progression in prostate cancer is clonally specified or is a transitional phenomenon.  

The risk stratification of prostate cancer that will emerge from ReIMAGINE will permit a departure from today’s one-size-fits-all approach towards an individualised care that matches the very broad risk profile of this ill understood disease.

Our Partners

We collaborate with Cambridge University, we are a partner in the ReIMAGINE prostate imaging trial, are in the process of establishing collaborative partnerships with several UK NHS Trust hospitals to help further develop and validate and test Pi, our AI system for detecting prostate cancer from MRI.