Our Team

Lucida boasts some of the foremost experts in AI technology and radiology,
from leading clinical institutes across Europe.

Our core team boasts more than twenty man years experience in AI software development and some 100 man years experience in the domain of medical imaging, both in terms of clinical practice and market development. 

Dr Antony Rix

Dr Antony Rix

CEO & Co-Founder

PhD Machine learning and AI

Co-founder, Psytechnics (acquired 2011 by Netscout) – patented AI & International standard

Senior Consultant, TTP; CEO & Co-founder, 8power

Expert in software, medical devices & AI development



Professor Evis Sala

Professor Evis Sala

Chief Medical Officer & Co -founder

Professor of Oncological Imaging, University of Cambridge & Addenbtooke’s Hospital

Built body imaging capability at Memorial Sloan Kettereing Cancer Centre / Weill Cornell

KOL relationships in the USA

Board Certified radiologist

Expert in cancer imaging, radiogenomics & AI

StJohn Brown

StJohn Brown


Medical Imaging Entrepreneur

Partner, London Uroradiology

Co-founder of multiple medical imaging and biopsy businesses.

Co-founder, Nuada Medical Group, the pioneer of prostate MRI in private practice 2009 – 2015.

Ran Philips Medical Global Service business 1998 – 2001

Marcus Clark

Marcus Clark

Market & business development

Co-founder, Prostate Matters

Co-founder, Nuada Medical Group 2009 – 2018

Co-founder, Market Equity Ltd a collaboration with Cranfield School of Management 1994 – 2018

Extensive global go-to-market experience with diagnostic imaging companies

Outstanding network of relationships across the prostate diagnosis and treatment market in the UK and Europe

Professor Anwar Padhani

Professor Anwar Padhani

Clinical Advisor

Professor at the Institute of Cancer Research & Mount Vernon Hospital.

An international authority on MRI prostate & whole body imaging & cancer imaging

Co-chair, International PI-RADS (prostate imaging) standards group

Dr Guiseppe Petralia

Dr Guiseppe Petralia

Clinical Advisor

European Oncology Institute (IEO) & University of Milan

Expert on prostate & whole body MRI & cancer screening

Our Partners

We collaborate with Cambridge University, we are a partner in the ReIMAGINE prostate imaging trial, are in the process of establishing collaborative partnerships with several UK NHS Trust hospitals to help further develop and validate and test Pi, our AI system for detecting prostate cancer from MRI.