Pi ™ – Applied Artificial Intelligence for diagnosing prostate cancer from MRI


What is Pi ™?

Pi, Prostate Intelligence, is an AI and machine learning based software system that detects and reports the presence of prostate cancer lesions from MR scans (MRI).

Pi is intended to augment a radiologist’s interpretation of prostate MRI in three ways

  • Improve patient selection for biopsy

This is achieved by outputting a risk score aiming for both high negative predictive value (NPV) and specifity, to reduce unnecessary biopsies and over diagnosis if insignificant cancers

  • Improve identification of targets for biopsy 

This involves identifying candidate regions of interest with high NPV, to help ensure that all areas of suspicion are targeted for biopsy and help reduce underdiagnosis (missed clinically significant cancers)

  • Provide high quality segmentations

Outputing machine generated segmentations with high DICE score, for use in volume estimation and biopsy targeting

To learn more, you can access a video and paper frpm  EuSoMII Virtual Annual Meeting, 24 October 2020 and a published research paper by clicking the links below 

Our Partners

We collaborate with Cambridge University, we are a partner in the ReIMAGINE prostate imaging trial, are in the process of establishing collaborative partnerships with several UK NHS Trust hospitals to help further develop and validate and test Pi, our AI system for detecting prostate cancer from MRI.