Privacy Policy

Lucida Medical Ltd is committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy sets out how we use, process, and protect personal data that you or others may provide to us.

Personal data that we collect will normally include your name, e-mail address, phone numbers, job title and employer details. In some cases we will also store and process your home and/or business address. Lucida Medical does not currently accept patient medical data and does not process personally-identifiable information containing medical records, and we will update this privacy policy before we do so.

We will not share your personal data other than as set out below, or as required by law or regulation.

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If we receive your details when you speak to or meet us, or through our website, or if a third party introduces us to you or sends us your personal data (for example a conference, an agent or recruitment site), we will store your personal data and use it to send you information about Lucida Medical, on the basis that you have consented to receive information from us. You may withdraw your consent at any time by e-mailing or contacting us.

If we have a contract with you or your employer, or work on a business proposal that may lead to a contract, we may use and store your information, and may contact you by phone, e-mail or post, in connection with the contract or proposal on the basis of our legitimate interest and to meet our legal obligations. For example, we may contact you about a project, and store information about the project or contract in our e-mail, accounting and legal records.

If we are in touch with you for our business, for example as customer, investor, supplier or business partner, we may also use and store your information, and contact you by phone, e-mail or post, in connection with this business relationship on the basis of our legitimate interest to do business with you and to meet our legal obligations.

We will take reasonable steps to protect your data from unauthorised use, disclosure or loss.

We may employ other companies to provide services for us, for example e-mail, cloud storage, and project sub-contractors. With reasonable safeguards, these companies may have access to personal data needed to perform their functions and not for any other purpose. If our business is merged with or acquired by another company, your information may be disclosed to our new partners or owners.

We will retain information for a reasonable period, or as long as required by law, bearing in mind the nature of the information and the purposes for which we hold it.

We may change our privacy statement in future by posting it to our website.

You can always contact us to ask us about our privacy policy, use or processing of your data, or if you have an objection. You also have the right to access the information that we hold about you, and the right to request that this information is corrected, deleted, restricted, or transferred to another organisation. You can exercise these rights at any time by contacting us.

You are welcome to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office. For details, please refer to the ICO Website.

Lucida Medical Ltd

Last update: 06/03/2021